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Tip Accessories for SICA Connector Types Catalogue

Tip accessory for converting SICA 2.54mm pitch type to SICA Connector-Free Manual Type

Part Number : SICA20D20Z-GAP1


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  • Enables writing to the flash microcontroller without a connector in the final product.

  • Can be used with the pad of the SICA connection socket (SICA2P20S).
    You can select, for instance, SICA (connector type) for debugging, and connector-free type, using this product, for mass production.

  • Can be used with all the SICA 2.54mm pitch types, thus providing an excellent cost-performance.

  • Supports lead-free soldering, thus being an environmentally-friendly product.

Product Specifications

Connector at target board 20 pins 0.5mm pitch (pad)
* Surface treatment: gold flash or solder leveler
DC resistance
(SICA connected)
700mΩ or less
Pin numbers Depends on the pin numbers of SICA
Connect life times 500 times

Mechanical Drawing


Mechanical Drawing

(ex.SICA2.54mm pitch type{SICA20D20Z-GAP1)

Mechanical Drawing

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