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SWEX Cable Features

Standard Coaxial ICE Cable

Standard Coaxial ICE Cable, SWEX Cable
  • NEW SWEX cables have longer length,light weight and flexible than the existing products.

  • The coaxial cables are shielded with copper braid.Therefore, the cables eliminate EMI and improve cross talk and transmission performance.

  • cable Material : co-axial cable Φ0.3mm

  • Attenuation : -1.55dB at 40MHz,L=580mm

  • cable DC resistance : 0.7ohm at 100mm
* Please refer to the "Drawings" for more detail.

Product No Connector on Target Board length(mm)
SWEX-120SE-3 NQPACK120SE (for 120pin, 0.4mm Pitch) 593 500
SWEX-208SD-3 TQ/NQPACK208SD (for 280pin, 0.5mm Pitch) 592

✽ The folowing products were in maintenance mode.(SWEX-100SD-3, SWEX-120SD-3, SWEX-144SD-3,SWEX-176SD-3)

■Instruction for use.
  • Signal and frame grounds are provided in the cable assembly. 4pcs of wire for grounding are attached. Please connected both signal and frame grounds to the grounds of ICE and a target boards. There are signal and frame ground pads at the corners on PWB bottom face. The both pads may be soldered together if no analog signals are transmitted cable lines.
  • Signal coaxial cables are bundled together, and the copper braid is wrapped around the cables. The braid is connected to the frame ground through shield housing. Please do not make a short circuit between a target PWB, ICE PWB, and other test equipment.
  • Signal wires might be damaged from an excess bending on pull force. Any stress should not be applied to the cable at the edge of the housing.
  • Wire connections are the same pin number to the same pin number of both sockets; pin number 1 is connected to pin number 1 of the other end socket.

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