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SICA Connector-Free Clip Type Catalogue

SICA,Small Interface Cable Adapter

- JTAG conversion adapter -

image An adapter that replaces a JTAG connector on target boards with a pad and offers connector-free connection.

image image image


  • Enables debugging and writing to the flash microcontroller without the need of mounting a connector on the final product.

  • This board clip type adapter frees the hands of an operator and does not get in the way of doing debugging work.

  • Being compatible with the pad of a SICA connection socket (SICA2P20S05) using the fixing notches, both this model and SICA (socket type) can be selected.

  • Can be used on the solder side of a board.

  • Ready for the use of environment-friendly lead-free solder.


Flexible cable material Polyimide
Socket at target board 20 pins 0.5mm pitch (pad)
Cable DC resistance 700mΩ or less
Connect life times 500 times

Part numbers

Part number Pin count
at emulator
Pin count
at target board
Location of
pin #1
SICA10C20Y-GA101 10 20 *1
SICA14C20Y-GA101 14
SICA16C20Y-GA101 16
SICA20C20Y-GA101 20
SICA20C20Y-GA102 *2

Location of pin #1
Location of pin #1
Location of pin #1
NotejSICA14C20Y-GA101 may become different pin turn placement than pin number indication(*1).

Mechanical drawing (ex. SICA20C20Y-GA101)

Mechanical drawing

* Patent Pending
* We offer custom manufacturing services such as modification of forms forthe sake of mounting on jigs.

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