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Emulator Connector


Connectors for full Emulators,TQPACK series The series are using widely as emulator connector.
The foot patterns of each series are the same size as QFP, so emulator connectors can be soldered on the same foot pattern of QFP. The conatacts are highly reliable. Easy insertion and withdrawal is realized by means of guide pins.

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Conversion Adapter for JTAG

▼ SICA Series

Small Interface cable Adapter for JTAG

SICA Series
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Connector type Connector-Free type
2.54mm pitch connector FPC type Mictor 38pin connector type 2.54mm pitch connector Manual Type 2.54mm pitch connector Clip type
2.54mm pitch connector PWB type
2.54mm 1.27mm pitch connector Spiral type
Tip Accessories for SICA Connector Types
2.54mm pitch connector type Mictor 38pin connector type

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