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Tip Accessory for SICA Mictor 38pin type Catalogue

Tip accessory for converting SICA Mictor 38pin type to SICA Connector-Free Clip Type

Part Number : SICA40D40Y-GAP1 SICA40D40Y-GAP1

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  • Enables the tracing and failure analysis after mass production without a connector.

  • Can be used with the pad of the SICA connection socket (SICA2P40S).
    You can select, for instance, SICA (connector type) for debugging, and connector-free type, using this product, for mass production.

  • Pogo pins protect the pins so that they are prevented from being bent and kept away from contaminants.

  • Can be mounted on places other than the board end.

  • This product and SICA Mictor 38pin type can be operated individually, thus improving the working efficiency.

  • Supports lead-free soldering, thus being an environmentally-friendly product.

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