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Mictor 38pin type Catalogue

SICA,Small Interface Cable Adapter

- JTAG Conversion adapter with MICTOR -

Reducing connector mounting space on a target board to one quarter compared to that for MICTOR 38 pins.

JTAG Conversion adapter, SICA for Mictor JTAG Conversion adapter, SICA for Mictor
SICA for Mictor, Application example Application example


  • Reducing connector mounting space to one quarter compared to that for MICTOR 38 pins connector.

  • Micro strip type signal lines guarantee high speed data transmission.
    The signal lines are shielded with the ground lines.

  • The mating socket can be assembled on a target board with surface mount soldering.
    This means that the other side of PCB is available for mounting components.

  • The small size socket can be placed close to a MPU package. This makes possible to reduce wiring space.

  • Connector contact life is 500 times insertion and extraction.

  • A polarity key prevents connector and socket from wrong insertion.

  • The solder used is RoHS compliant material.


Target pin numbers 38pin
Cable structure Micro strip signal lines (Signal lines on both layers are running on the ground lines on opposite layers.)
Cable Material Polyimide FPC cable layers
Socket at target board SICA2P40S
SSOP 40 pins 0.5 mm pitch with TET customs
(One connector is appended with the product)
Cable DC resistance Less than 0.7 ohm
Connect life times 500 times of insertion and extraction with enclosed socket for target board
* #39 and #40 pins connection are ground of a target board.

Part number

Part# SICA38B40D-GG61
Pin count 38
Socket at target board SICA2P40S(40pin)
Connector contact life 500
Location of pin #1 image

Cable and accessory part

SICA cable One piece
Socket at target board(SICA2P40S) One piece

Mechanical Drawing


sica dimension

Option part up on request

SICA2P40S05 5pieces are packed in a plastic bag

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