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Development Examples of custom Products

Tokyo Eletech (TET) is trying to comply with customers' individual demand,
needless to say, with connector designing technology, but in combination with various other technologies too such as muluti-layer, flexible board,molding,
mechanical designing and parts mounting.

(1) Tool is not required. Socket for specially shaped package can be made with cutting tool.
(2) Conversion Board, having JTAG or Measuring Instrument Interface, to measure all pin signals.
(3) Package Conversion Board miniaturized with half through hole technology.
(4) Tool to connect with existing pad without connector (without soldering work).
(5) Low cost BGA socket.
(6) BGA Socket having lock mechanism with graduation to accept extra device thichkness.
(7) Flanged CSSOCKET
(8) Conversion board from QFP to LGA
(9) SSOP for connector less SICA
(10) MIT Conversion board
(11) SSOP Conversion Board applying side surface wiring technology.

We will try to comply with customers' requests for any other developments.
Please contact us.

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